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What to expect



I strongly recommend an initial brief telephone conversation before booking the appointment. We will discuss about your condition and treatments to date. Using my medical experience and also my knowledge about other complementary medicinal systems, we will decide together whether homeopathy is the best way forward.

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There are some conditions where conventional medicine cannot be replaced by homeopathic remedies. Other times I may direct patients toward other alternative therapies, if I feel that they are more likely to be beneficial for their specific condition.

If we are going forward, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This allows me to get a background information of your past medical history, so we make best use the time of your appointment to explore deeper aspects. It is also an opportunity for you to reflect on your condition, the impact it has had on you, and to clarify your goals.

Please download the questionnaire on the contact page.

During the appointment

We will start from briefly going through your conventional medical history and understanding your treatments to date.

We will then explore your symptoms in great depth. A Homeopathic consultation is very different than an appointment with a conventional doctor. We will bring to light many aspects of your experience with the disease: physical, energetic, emotional, and mental. Then we will explore what makes you individual and unique as a person. This is often a journey that patients have not done beforehand.

Your homeopathic consultation is an equal partnership with a shared goal. The more openness, the more courage and trust in exploring deeper aspects of your being, the more willingness to take responsibility in your healing journey, the more profound the outcome is.

Most patients find the consultation a process of self-discovery and often healing in itself.


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I will take away the information you have shared during the appointment spend some time reviewing your case. In this process I use the full breadth of my homeopathic and medical knowledge as well as my intuitive sense. When complete, you will receive a recommendation for specific remedies and a therapeutic plan. Follow up consultations are usually 4-8 weeks apart.

It is common to have an initial aggravation of symptoms before an amelioration. That is usually a good indication, and it is expected while your body makes a shift (it is like making a mess while you are doing deep cleaning in the house!). I will be available on email to discuss if you have queries in between appointments.


As every case it is a unique journey there is no algorithm that can dictate how long the healing process will take. Homeopathic remedies do not impose chemical changes in your body but simply stimulate your body to self-heal, while healing happens from the inside out.

In homeopathy I choose the one best match out of more than 3000 remedies. The reaction to the remedy is not in my control but is dictated by your body’s intelligence. Most patients experience a benefit from the first prescription. Sometimes we might feel that your body’s response to the initial remedy has not had the desired result, and we will have to continue our exploration, deepening our understanding your case in its unique complexity. I recommend being prepared to commit to a minimum of 4 appointments for us to follow this process through.


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Taking responsibility for your health and your journey through healing is the starting point of any lasting transformational process. A deep desire to get better and a commitment to engage in the process is, in my experience, possibly the greatest predictor of a positive outcome.

A healing journey is occasionally a ‘miracle’, but more often a process. Patience in allowing this process to unfold is a fundamental ingredient.

I do not condition committing to a number of appointments, however I would recommend a minimum of four appointments for us to reach a conclusion regarding the pace of progress of your specific case or for less complex cases a resolution.



£95 first appointment (60-75 min)

£75 follow-ups (approx 45 min)

Follow ups are 4-8 weeks apart.

After the consulatation you will will receive a remedy plan and also advice how to order your remedies from specialised pharmacies.

Homeopathic remedies usually cost £6-£8 per vial.

Anthroposophic remedies are all hand-made hence a bit more expensive. The usual price is £8-£40 per remedy.

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