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Homeopathy is the second largest system of modern medicine in the world.
100 million EU citizens and 300 million world-wide use homeopathic medicines in their day-to-day healthcare.
Homeopathy restores health through gently stimulating the body's innate healing ability.
'Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease'
- Hypocrates

I am a medical doctor.

I have spent the past 20 years studying and practising conventional medicine.

However, I am also a homeopath.

After having trained both as a hospital physician and as a general practitioner I explored many systems of complementary and traditional medicine. I found in Homeopathy the deepest and most complex medical system available to date.

Most people think that homeopathy is about using diluted natural ingredients to treat things like eczema and hay fever. True, but only partly. That’s how homeopathy started 200 years ago. Since then it has progressed immensely and what we are dealing with now is understanding and clearing energetic patterns.

Doctor Domnita Neagu, homeopathic doctor and general practitioner

The calling of the homeopath is to tune into the unique fabric of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and inner experiences which form an intimate whole with the organic illness in each and every patient. Even more rewarding, is the fact that the solution to the problem comes neither from synthetic substances nor merely through rationalising around it, but from nature itself. The remedy, which is carefully calibrated to both physical and emotional dimensions of the case, is ultimately a subtle energetic impulse akin to body’s own nature. It is a safe, gentle and natural process.

Homeopathy has been the most fulfilling part of my medical career to date.

I was battling with chronic sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. Every few weeks I would start a new round of antibiotics and steroid inhaler. After consulting with Dr. Neagu, I started to be able to get through the respiratory infections with homeopathic remedies only. Slowly my chronic infections decreased in frequency. After two years of treatment, I am full of energy and barely get a cold once a year. It changed my life!
Dr. Neagu is a superb practitioner. She was thorough, intelligent and utterly professional. She went above and beyond what I expected and answered emails promptly and often out of hours. Her manner in person is really nice and very professional. Her skills as a homeopathic doctor seemed excellent to me.
My children both diagnosed with autism have been seeing Dr. Domnita for 2-3yrs. And I am so grateful for all the tremendous help she has given my beautiful children - from them being non-verbal to verbal it's just so amazing to hear them speak. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to hear their voices. I am so thankful for all amazing work she has done.
I have been under the care of Dr. Neagu for a couple of years now. I have found her empathetic, insightful and a good listener. She takes a holistic approach and her recommendations have been helpful and effective. She inspires trust and calm I would recommend her to anyone requiring professional advice on homeopathy with a holistic perspective.

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