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I worked with Dr. Neagu for first time on a medical condition that the GP was advising long term antibiotics for. In spite of using these as prescribed for nearly 6 weeks, there was little prospects of healing on the horizon. I knew that the condition has the potential of becoming a chronic issue which would have led to significant impact on the quality of my life. At this point my wife, who is a medical doctor herself, suggested I consult Dr. Neagu. The impact of the remedies that she prescribed was very evident pretty quickly. They didn’t just work on the physical ailment that was the issue but I also noticed a shift in my emotional state which I now understand as being the cause of the physical issue. This was only after one consultation. I understand that homeopathy is only as effective as the practitioner prescribing. Dr. Neagu is a sensitive, knowledgeable and very experienced practitioner who got to the heart of the issue very quickly. For me homeopathy has worked very well!

- R.D.

Dr. Neagu is a superb practitioner. She was thorough, intelligent and utterly professional. She went above and beyond what I expected and answered emails promptly and often out of hours. Her manner in person is really nice and very professional. Her skills as a homeopathic doctor seemed excellent to me.


My children both diagnosed with autism have been seeing Dr. Domnita for 2-3yrs. And I am so grateful for all the tremendous help she has given my beautiful children - from them being non-verbal to verbal it's just so amazing to hear them speak. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to hear their voices. I am so thankful for all amazing work she has done.


When I leave an appointment with Dr Neagu I never feel dissatisfied with the level of expression I have been able to give out. With her careful listening, open mind, and wide breadth of disciplines, I feel listened to from a physical, spiritual and soul aspect: a truly holistic treatment. I have no doubt that the work we are doing together, along with the remedies she has prescribed, will give benefit far into my future, as well as making me more comfortable in the here and now. I am very grateful for her commitment, wisdom and guidance.

- T.A.

I’ve attended Dr. Neagu for different ailments over the past 4 years. She helped me heal from a recurring health problem that had me rushing to take antibiotics every couple of months. Though doctors told me there is nothing to be done, through Dr Neagu’s combination of remedies I've had such positive results that my ailment is completely gone. I haven't used antibiotics in 3 years now! Dr. Neagu is kind and sensitive to my issues and I have no second thoughts about calling her for any health problem. During the consultations, her questions search for a holistic understanding of my mind and body as a whole. I feel much clearer about my state after I leave her office. I am happy to have turned to homeopathy!

- N.A.

I have known Dr. Neagu for over six years, when first me, then also my son (who is now 5), have started homeopathic treatment with her. She has since been our first point of call for all the acute illnesses that have cropped up. What first drew me to start homeopathic treatment with Dr Neagu was the fact that she is also a GP, therefore having the breadth of knowledge and understanding from both allopathic and alternative medicine. I have not been disappointed. In addition to the impressive knowledge of homeopathic remedies, Dr. Neagu also possesses a fantastic intuition, empathy and ability to focus on the essential, which leads to the selection of the best suited remedy. Time and again I have been astonished by how quickly the remedy suggested by her worked to almost immediately alleviate the symptoms of the various fevers, vomiting or diarrhea bouts, skin eruptions or infections that either my child or myself have had over the past six years. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- M.C.

I contacted Dr Domnita Neagu in 2021 for my daughter who is on spectrum. Dr Domnita listens to my concerns very carefully and gives targeted remedies. There is a huge change in my daughter now and I am very happy with the progress. I strongly recommend her.

- N.T.

I started seeing Dr Domnita Neagu when I decided that traditional medicine was not helping my sons skin condition. She has been treating myself and my 2.5 year old son for the last 7 months. Her knowledge, support and carefully selected remedies have been vital to our wellbeing and life. Not only she’s knowledgeable but she’s also receptive to her patients and she can understand beyond words what is needed. She provides a safe, calm and nurturing environment which has helped me get to the root of my issues. Dr Neagu has been helping me overcome my chronic migraine and become more balanced emotionally and physically. My sons skin condition and self-confidence improved significantly!!! I am very grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her !!!

- A.B.

I have been fortunate enough to have Dr Domnita as my homeopath for the past year. Not only is she an excellent homeopath, helping me with several issues I was having, but she has a gentle, professional manner and goes above and beyond what is expected.

- L.M.

I would highly recommend Dr Neagu. She has hugely helped me throughout my homeopathy journey. Before homeopathy I tried countless medications which had no effect. However, the homeopathy results have allowed me to minimise my problem and stop it from affecting me on a day to day basis. I’m really grateful to Dr Neagu for her expertise and patience.

- F.J.

I have been under the care of Dr. Neagu for a couple of years now. I have found her empathetic, insightful and a good listener. She takes a holistic approach and her recommendations have been helpful and effective. She inspires trust and calm I would recommend her to anyone requiring professional advice on homeopathy with a holistic perspective.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Domnita Neagu. I have been working on some deep ongoing symptoms that I have had over the last year and 1/2. The transformation has been amazing, not only physically (which was really important and a great relief) but also emotionally feeling so much more confident and positive, and renewed mental clarity that I hadn't realised I was missing so much. I have found the work to be powerful and effective for me. I also experienced in another, related, piece of work that unexpectedly impacted positively on my cognitive abilities; clarity, focus, concentration. - We will be returning to that. Her method is very thorough, deeply insightful and also benefits from a thorough knowledge of medical practice.

- C.G.

I had long Covid symptoms. Extreme fatigue, black depression and bald spots. I now feel better than I did before. I have suffered with depression since childhood and have been helped more with Homeopathy than ever before with counselling. I am so grateful for the help I have been given with Homeopathy. Dr Neagu is amazing and far advanced in her field.

- D.F.

I was battling with chronic sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. Every few weeks I would start a new round of antibiotics and steroid inhaler. After consulting with Dr. Neagu, I started to be able to get through the respiratory infections with homeopathic remedies only. Slowly my chronic infections decreased in frequency. After two years of treatment, I am full of energy and barely get a cold once a year. It changed my life!


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