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Women's Health




Menstrual imbalances/PMS
Recurrent UTIs
Chronic pelvic pain

Homeopathy for Women's Health

Homeopathic remedies use minute doses of natural substances that stimulate the body’s healing pathways in a gentle restorative way.

When addressing the female reproductive system Homeopathy does not block endocrine pathways and does not rely on adding chemically produced hormones to balance things out. Instead, they stimulate your body’s balancing pathways, supporting them to follow their own natural laws and rhythms.

Gynaecological symptoms are often the result of deeply entrenched emotional patterns which can be either conscious or unconscious. With homeopathic treatments, we look at the whole human being and address the physical symptoms in the context of the mental and emotional dimensions in order to facilitate a deep and lasting cure.

Each case is different and has a unique complexity which needs to be understood and addressed with the right combination of remedies. Restoring good health is not a question of which drug to give to suppress the symptoms but of seeking to understand the problem in its entirety. This is how the process of healing begins.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Domnita Neagu. I have been working on some deep ongoing symptoms that I have had over the last year and 1/2. The transformation has been amazing, not only physically (which was really important and a great relief) but also emotionally feeling so much more confident and positive, and renewed mental clarity that I hadn't realised I was missing so much. I have found the work to be powerful and effective for me. I also experienced in another, related, piece of work that unexpectedly impacted positively on my cognitive abilities; clarity, focus, concentration. - We will be returning to that. Her method is very thorough, deeply insightful and also benefits from a thorough knowledge of medical practice.

— C.G., Bristol


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