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Skin Disease





Homeopathy for Skin Disease

Skin conditions are a manifestation of an imbalance in the whole body. The cause often has an emotional dimension which can be conscious or unconscious. Homeopathic treatment takes into account all of our emotional nuances and inner patterns in order to address the whole human being. Remedies work from the inside out to facilitate an emotional shift alongside an improvement or resolution of the skin issues.

Each case is different and has its unique complexity that needs to be understood and addressed with the right combination of remedies. Restoring good health is not only a question of getting rid of the symptom, but of understanding what has generated the imbalance in the first place and acting curatively on a deeper level.


I worked with Dr. Neagu for first time on a skin condition that the GP was advising long term antibiotics for. In spite of using these as prescribed for nearly 6 weeks, there was little prospects of healing on the horizon. I knew that the condition has the potential of becoming a chronic issue which would have led to significant impact on the quality of my life. At this point my wife, who is a medical doctor herself, suggested I consult Dr. Neagu. The impact of the remedies that she prescribed was very evident pretty quickly. They didn’t just work on the physical ailment that was the issue but I also noticed a shift in my emotional state which I now understand as being the cause of the physical issue. This was only after one consultation. I understand that homeopathy is only as effective as the practitioner prescribing. Dr. Neagu is a sensitive, knowledgeable and very experienced practitioner who got to the heart of the issue very quickly. For me homeopathy has worked very well!

— R.D.


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