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Mental Health




Post traumatic stress disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Low mood, depression
Post natal depression
Premenstrual dysphoric syndrome

Homeopathy for Mental Health

Emotional imbalances are inherent to being human. While the diagnosis above is useful as a simple orientation, in homeopathy here are no labels and no predesigned algorithms. Each case of ‘anxiety’ is unique. Therefore we must first and foremost gain a deep understanding of the person and their individual state of being.

During a true healing process, we take the time to investigate an issue from a range of different aspects. We look at the life events that have shaped the patient into who they are, as well as exploring the individual’s innate way of responding to life’s challenges, their ‘inner song’.The patient can use the consultation space to reach a deeper understanding of their self and become conscious of their inner ‘program’. Homeopathy can then be used to help shift these subconscious detrimental constructs. In a successful treatment of a mental health condition the patient is left feeling energised, empowered, and more aligned with their will and life intention and eventually not needing any remedies at all.

Homeopathic treatments can be taken alongside antidepressants, if needed (at least initially). Homeopathic remedies do not create dependency and do not have side effects and can be used safely in children and teenagers.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Domnita Neagu. I have been working on some deep ongoing symptoms that I have had over the last year and 1/2. The transformation has been amazing, not only physically (which was really important and a great relief) but also emotionally feeling so much more confident and positive, and renewed mental clarity that I hadn't realised I was missing so much. I have found the work to be powerful and effective for me. I also experienced in another, related, piece of work that unexpectedly impacted positively on my cognitive abilities; clarity, focus, concentration. - We will be returning to that. Her method is very thorough, deeply insightful and also benefits from a thorough knowledge of medical practice.

— C.G., Bristol


When I leave an appointment with Dr Neagu I never feel dissatisfied with the level of expression I have been able to give out. With her careful listening, open mind, and wide breadth of disciplines, I feel listened to from a physical, spiritual and soul aspect: a truly holistic treatment. I have no doubt that the work we are doing together, along with the remedies she has prescribed, will give benefit far into my future, as well as making me more comfortable in the here and now. I am very grateful for her commitment, wisdom and guidance.

— T.A.


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