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Chronic Fatigue & Post-viral Syndrome


Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue & Post-viral Syndrome

Fatigue is one of the most difficult conditions to treat in general practice. When we talk about energy, or lack of it, there are dimensions that are visible or measurable and other dimensions that are not. Picture an iceberg: there is a visible part (i.e. that which can be measured with biochemical tests and scans) and a part under the water which relates to the more subtle energetic functionality of the body.

A general practitioner has the tools to assess the measurable hormonal or biochemical markers (the part above the water). This rules out physical pathologies such as hormonal deficiencies, anaemia etc. In my experience as a GP, blood tests and scans come back entirely normal in over 95% of cases of fatigue. Yet the patient still feels ill. In such circumstances, the imbalance lies in the dimensions of the human being which cannot be measured by the usual tests available to a general practitioner.

In a holistic treatment, we investigate many avenues and explore more complex aspects such as nutrition and lifestyle. We have to question whether, in spite of a good diet, the body is able to absorb nutrients properly and make them available to the body’s formative forces. We need to assess the subtle functionality of key organs. For example adrenal fatigue is a common pathology of our day and age. Many biographical or environmental factors can contribute to this. It is also important to investigate deeply entrenched mental-emotional patterns that can contribute to a depleted physical state. We can then find the matching homeopathic remedy that can work on a deeper level and help shift detrimental unconscious ‘programs’.

Although fatigue is one of the most complex conditions, homeopathy gives us the capacities to approach it from many angles. Most patients I have treated have experienced an improvement in their condition.


I had long Covid symptoms. Extreme fatigue, black depression and bald spots. I now feel better than I did before. I have suffered with depression since childhood and have been helped more with Homeopathy than ever before with counselling. I am so grateful for the help I have been given with Homeopathy. Dr Neagu is amazing and far advanced in her field.

— D.F.


I would recommend Dr Neagu wholeheartedly. I saw her at her Bristol practice. Dr Neagu is a knowledgable, caring, thoughtful and intuitive practitioner of homeopathy and medical practitioner. She helped me enormously as I was coming out of a very difficult period, including all the strange and acute post-covid symptoms which without her help would have created further, more longterm illnesses. I feel healthier, happier and I look forward to each day as a result of her intevention and advice. Thank you so much for everything!

— Y.Z., Bristol


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