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Digestive Health




Irritable bowel syndrome
Gastroesophageal reflux/heartburn
Dysbiosis, bacterial overgrowth
Gallbladder disease
Abnormal liver function
Chronic diarrhoea/chronic constipation
Unexplained abdominal symptoms

Homeopathy for Digestive Health

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the formative forces in the gut to work more effectively in the process of digestion. On the other side homeopathy tunes into deep emotional-mental patterns. It is thus able to shift patterns that manifest physically but are grounded in the life of our soul. In recent years, science has come to understand the complexity of the enteric nervous system. We have over 100 million neuronal cells in the gut (more than in the spinal cord). This comes as proof of the fact that there is a profound connection between the brain and the gut. In other words, we cannot fully treat the gut without taking into account the whole human being, the life of thoughts and feelings. Unresolved conflicts, self-limiting beliefs, or self-deprecating beliefs reverberate within the functionality of our biological systems. Unresolved fears, or unconscious fears, can play a part into the root cause of many digestive conditions: such as irritable bowel syndrome, or gastritis.

Homeopathic treatment can thus address digestive complains holistically, taking into account the connection between body, mind and emotions.


I’ve attended Dr. Neagu for different ailments over the past 4 years. She helped me heal from a recurring health problem that had me rushing to take antibiotics every couple of months. Though doctors told me there is nothing to be done, through Dr Neagu’s combination of remedies I've had such positive results that my ailment is completely gone. I haven't used antibiotics in 3 years now! Dr. Neagu is kind and sensitive to my issues and I have no second thoughts about calling her for any health problem. During the consultations, her questions search for a holistic understanding of my mind and body as a whole. I feel much clearer about my state after I leave her office. I am happy to have turned to homeopathy!

— N.A.


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