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Mental Health in Children & Teenagers




ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder
Low mood
Sleep disorder

Homeopathy for Mental Health in Children & Teenagers

Mental health in children is an area that has given me possibly the greatest satisfaction to treat. Children respond faster and more fully to homeopathy, as they are more emotionally open and in a state of continuous transformation. In other words, they are not yet stuck in life-long emotional patterns.

A homeopathic remedy tunes in to subtle nuances of emotional disturbances and shifts emotional patterns on a subconscious level. Subtle impulses can bring about big shifts. A transformation at this age is likely to have an impact on the whole of the child’s future life.

A significant proportion of my paediatric practice revolves around autism and ADHD. In my experience, homeopathic treatments have been effective in shifting disruptive behaviour traits in children with a developmental disorder. Although homeopathy is not a cure for autism, I have witnessed transformations in children with autism in the following areas: their ‘awakeness’, their capacity for interpersonal connection, their capacity to apply themselves to a task, their sleep, and their overall behaviour.


My children both diagnosed with autism have been seeing Dr. Domnita for 2-3yrs. And I am so grateful for all the tremendous help she has given my beautiful children - from them being non-verbal to verbal it's just so amazing to hear them speak. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to hear their voices. I am so thankful for all amazing work she has done.

— S.K., Bristol


I contacted Dr Domnita Neagu in 2021 for my daughter who is on spectrum. Dr Domnita listens to my concerns very carefully and gives targeted remedies. There is a huge change in my daughter now and I am very happy with the progress. I strongly recommend her.

— N.T.


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