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Homeopathy for Mental Health


Homeopathy is one of the most popular treatments for mental health issues in the UK and can be used as a natural alternative to anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. I have successfully treated many patients with homeopathy for a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. If you would like to find out how homeopathy could help your mental health please get in touch. I work from beautiful, calming practice rooms in Clifton Bristol and Cambray Place Cheltenham.

During your in-depth homeopathic interview, we will explore the subtle nuances of your mental and emotional qualities. Homeopaths refer to our internal structures, our unique ways of perceiving the world and our relationship with it, as our ‘delusions’. Delusions are inbuilt constructs conditioned by of our education, society, life-story along with many other factors. They are often so deep within us that we are unaware of them. It is through the lens of these delusions that we interpret the world and they often the cause harmful emotions, tensions and conflicts within us.

homeopathy for depression

Our intention is to identify these internal patterns and, in the vast world of nature, find an element of a similar resonance, with which we will stimulate a transformation through the well known principle, similia similibus curantur . Cure happens from inside out in a gentle, natural way. Not only do patients symptoms improve but they often feel more energetic, and on a deep level more in tune with themselves. It is the opposite effect to antidepressants which ‘numb’ the patients to their own feelings.

In my experience Homeopathy can be more effective than talking therapies, although the combination of both can enhance each other’s benefit. Our rational mind can change our behaviours but does not have full capacity to shift the way we feel inside. Emotional life is much deeper and too ineffable for our rationality to be able to have full grasp over it.

By bringing a refined energetic impulse to our system, homeopathy can be transformative in ways that never ceases to surprise me. I have known patients who, after years of high-dose antidepressants, finally feel a cloud lifting after just weeks after taking a remedy. I have witnessed patients with psychotic tendencies become able to go back into the swing of life and take up employment after years of living on the side-lines.

Of all the conditions that homeopathy can help with, mental health is often the most rewarding to treat.


Over 20 years ago I was told I would be dependent on psychiatric drugs for the rest of my life. I tried them for a year. In that time I put on weight, I lost all interest in life, my family, creativity or ethical decisions. Using homeopathic remedies is a completely different experience. It feels like I am becoming more myself while the problems of anxiety, paranoia and suicidal ideation disappear. I am always surprised at how effectively the homeopath can recommend a remedy that resolves the mental health problem I am struggling with. I find a good homeopath is one that has also trained as a Doctor of medicine. I am extremely pleased with the treatment I have received from Dr Domnita Neagu and certainly recommend her. (N.C. Bath)
A few years ago I entered the menopause phase of my life, and with it came a crippling depression. Through the help and support of my homeopathic doctor I was able to explore not just the day to day issues that were a problem, but I was able to revisit the deep rooted traumas that I had buried deep within myself, but that were affecting every aspect of my being. The remedies that were prescribed were not in the least bit worrying to take as they are gentle and non-addictive, and completely homeopathic. The remedies work on the root of the problem, they don't act as a band-aid over a boil. I would recommend homeopathy to anyone who doesn't want a quick fix to their issues, but who wants to get to the heart of the problem, explore and understand it, and then change their perception and reaction to it, in order to be able to process what has happened differently.

Through the wonder of homeopathy I am now a much happier and calm person, and I feel like I understand myself in a way that I was never able to before. I started my treatment like a ball of string that was all twisted and knotted, and now it is untangled. Homeopathy has certainly changed my life for the better, and it has given me a new compass with which to navigate my way through life's uncertain journey. (P.W. Bristol)